Crown Lane Primary School & Children's Centre

Crown Lane Primary School

Headteacher's welcome

Our vision is to create an excellent and inclusive school community where children are happy, proud of their achievements and excel in their learning. It is the responsibility of the incredibly passionate, inspirational, and committed staff and governors to ensure our pupils are given the opportunities, motivation and direction they need to achieve and thrive.

This means providing a:

  • safe environment with excellent pastoral care, support, advice and guidance so that children feel safe and heard;

  • high quality inclusive and engaging curriculum with high aspirations for all children so that all children are equipped to succeed, and no child is left behind.

And having:

  • high expectations of behaviour for learning so that children are inspired and engaged to be the very best version of themselves;

  • a child-centred, value-based culture with knowledge of our children and families so that pupils develop strong core values and self-belief;

And doing all this with consistency and optimism!

Change is inevitable and welcome, our pupils, staff and governors embrace the opportunities that this change will bring as well as the challenge it provides.

We look forward to welcoming you to Crown Lane Primary School in whatever capacity you may visit in the future.

Samantha Palin - Executive Headteacher     

Diane John-Cyrus - Head of School