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EYFS to Year 1 Transition

Here is a film with some different resources to support the transition of children from EYFS to Year 1.   It is called 'Everything Changes' and has been broken down into three sections, but please do feel free to stop it throughout to discuss with your child.

Everything Changes - Introduction




Everything Changes - The Story




Everything Changes - Goodbye and Follow Up activities



Secondary Transition 

This section is full of resources to support your Year 6 child as they prepare for Secondary School.  You can use them in different ways:

  • Your child can think about some of the tips they learn from watching the video clips.
  • Ask them to make a checklist of things they think they will need for a school day.
  • Ask them to think about and plan the things they might need to get ahead of starting at a new school.  This could include: stationery, a planner, a calculator, etc
  • They could think about and write down the tips they learnt about how to find their way around a new school.


Big Foot Transition Film: Upwards and Onwards!

As we were unable to run our usual transition workshops with Big Foot this year, instead they have made a film for us to think about the changes ahead of our Year 6s.  The children who are currently coming into school will watch this film in school in their last week back, but otherwise please watch this at home and discuss the different issues and ideas raised in it.  There is an accompanying resource pack as well, divided into two sections:  'Transition and Me' and 'Transition Made Easy'.


BBC Bitesize: Starting Secondary School

Learn about the transition from primary to secondary school with this BBC Bitesize lesson.  This lesson includes: two videos about the differences pupils will encounter in a new larger school; a practice activity to help your child think about the change of schools.

PHE: Rise above

Developed with teachers, this lesson plan, PowerPoint and accompanying video from Public Health England help you explore with your child the challenges that can arise with the transition from primary to secondary school, and help pupils identify strategies for managing the change.

 BBC: Transitioning to secondary school

Starting Secondary School, a new campaign from BBC Bitesize aimed at 10-12 year olds, their teachers and parents, will shine a light on the great potential of starting afresh in secondary school and also offer practical advice and emotional support to help take the stress out of taking the next big step.

Young Minds 

Young Minds have created a resource that reassures children that they’re not alone when it comes to their worries about secondary school, that there are ways to cope with change and there are people to talk to when things get difficult.

Secondary Schools

Children from Crown Lane go to a whole variety of different Secondary Schools.  Please find below links to the different Secondary schools which our Year 6 children will be going to: