Curriculum Archive 2020-21

Please see below for information about our curriculum for the academic year 2020-21.

Our Curriculum will be adapted over this year to allow for the fact that many children have not been in school for some time, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, with most learning having been carried out remotely. (See our Remote Learning pages for more information.)  Our focus as a school will be to consolidate our curriculum for all children, establish any gaps in learning and ensure that all our children will be back on track with their learning as soon as possible.

For the first term, there will be a large focus on Maths and English, as we work to support children in consolidating their learning and being ready for their year group learning objectives.  There will also be an emphasis on Maths and English across the curriculum, using topic lessons and foundation subjects to further support the consolidation of key Maths and English knowledge and skills.

Curriculum Aims and Objectives

For information on our aims and rationale for our curriculum, please see the following pages:

Objectives are organised throughout the year to ensure full coverage of all National Curriculum subject areas and objectives: Whole School Overview

These are used as the basis for topics and themes, with cross-curricular links made where possible.  These can be found on the year group curriculum pages and are updated each term: