A warm welcome from the Governing Body at Crown Lane Primary School and Children’s Centre. We are proud to serve our school and to support the head teacher, staff, parents and pupils in making it a successful and happy school in which all our pupils reach their full potential. We are fully committed to the inclusive nature of the school and cherish its rich diversity and its commitment to all children, whatever their ability or background.


It is our job to take a strategic role and act as a critical friend to the school. Together, we set the school’s aims and objectives and are accountable for its decisions.


As a Governing Body, we meet four times a year to review, agree and monitor the school’s policies, targets and priorities, and hold the school to account for the educational standards achieved and the quality of education provided.


The full Governing Body consists of a core group of two Parent Governors, one Staff Governor, one Governor placed by the Local Authority and the Head Teacher. We also co-opt up to 9 governors from the wider community, based on the skills they can bring to their roles. We can also appoint Associate Members with specific skills to support one of our committees. Associate members do not have voting rights but in every other respect fulfil the role of  a governor.


All members of the Governing Body  serve on one of the two committees that monitor specific areas of the school’s work.


The Resources Committee is responsible for financial matters. It engages in the setting of the annual school budget, recommends the approval of the budget to the whole Governing Body and monitors it on a regular basis. The committee also monitors staff appointments, appraisal and pay, and the maintenance of all aspects of the school premises.


The Learning and Community Committee monitors all aspects of pupil progress and achievement. Reviews the curriculum offer and receives reports and presentations from members of staff on specific subject areas, pupil performance, teaching, learning and assessment.  Another key responsibility is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all pupils, monitoring attendance, punctuality, and behaviour. This Committee also monitors how the school promotes community cohesion and evaluates the effectiveness of the school's engagement with parents/carers, pupils and the wider school community.


There are also special small committees to review pay, conduct the Head Teacher’s annual performance management and to deal with pupil exclusions or parental complaints. These committees are convened on an ad-hoc basis.


In all these responsibilities, we work closely with the Head Teacher, other senior staff with specific roles, the school’s Business Manager, and when necessary with the Local Authority.


We are fully committed to supporting the Head Teacher, school staff, parents and carers, and the local community in bringing the vision for Crown Lane Primary School to life.


Virginia Waterhouse

Chair of Governors



Currently, the Governing Body is comprised of:


  • 2 Parent Governors, who are elected by the school’s parents and carers
  • 1 Staff Governor, who is elected by the school’s staff
  • 1 Headteacher, whose place is automatic from his/her start date in the post
  • 1 Local Authority Governor, who is appointed by the Local Authority and confirmed by the Governing Body
  • 9 Co-opted Governors, who are appointed by the Governing Body
  • 1 Associate Member




Co - Chairs: Linda Collins and Liz Matthias


Name of Governor


Term of Office

Committee Memberships

Linda Collins


16/09/19- 16/09/23


Liz Matthias Co-opted 16/09/19 - 16/09/23 All

Gavin Farrell

Head Teacher

01/09/16 –Ongoing


Lisa Peterkin

Local Authority

03/07/18 - 03/07/22

Learning and Community

Paul Steward Co-opted 10/03/20 -09/03/24 Resources

Peter Hogg


07/07/15 - 06/07/19


Angela Murray


12/03/19 – 12/03/23

Learning and Community

Karen Aghatise Co-opted 23/03/20 - 22/03/24  
Carlton Brady Co-opted 23/03/20 - 22/03/24  
Jemma Naish-Williams Co-opted 23/03/20 - 22/03/20  

Kylie Penfold


03/07/18 - 03/07/22

Learning and Community

Maria Madalina Constandis Parent 02/07/19 - 01/07/23  

Zenobia Adae


13/10/16 - 12/10/20

Learning & Community


All Governors and Associate Members are required to declare any pecuniary or business interests on their appointment, and are also reminded to update this information at every meeting of the full Governing Body and its Committees.

This published Register will be updated annually after the first meeting of the school year.  However, any changes made during the year will be recorded in the Minutes of the meeting at which they are declared.

The following is a list of people who serve / have served as Governors, with information on their governorships: