How we support your child's Speech, Language and Communication needs


When your child begins Nursery or Reception you will be offered an opportunity for your child’s Speech Language and Communication Development to be assessed.  You will be asked to sign a Consent Form in order for your child to be screened.  

The Screen is done through activities and games to make sure that it is a fun experience for your child.

This Screen will help us to decide how best to support your child’s Speech Language and Communication development both at school and at home if necessary.

If you need any further information regarding the Screen please do no hesitate to speak to your child’s Class Teacher.

Small Group Work 

Your child will work within a small group of up to 6 children for approximately 20 minutes once a week with a trained Speech and Language Assistant.

Some children may need more direct therapy and may benefit working on a one to one basis.

Should your child need a little extra support, we may refer to our schools Speech and Language Therapist with your consent.