Language of the Week

At Crown Lane we embrace culture and diversity and are privileged to have children at our school who speak languages other than English.  There are 34 languages spoken in our school and each week we celebrate a different language by greeting each other during registration in the 'language of the week'.  The children enjoy learning the different greetings and our bi-lingual children also feel a sense of inclusion knowing their home language is being celebrated by all.

Language of the Week Term 4 

Romanian - week beginning 24/02/20

Somalian - week beginning 02/03/20

Spanish - week beginning 09/03/20

Turkish - week beginning 16/03/20

Language of the Week Term 3 

Krio - week beginning 06/01/20

Kurdish - week beginning 13/01/20

Luganda - week beginning 20/01/20

Malayalam - week beginning 27/01/20

Norwegian - week beginning 03/02/20

Polish - week beginning 10/02/20