The Creative Curriculum

The school plans a unique, fit for purpose creative curriculum based on the programmes of study in the New National Curriculum. We deliver a broad, balanced curriculum through topic based, cross curricular lessons which inspire, motivate and challenge all our learners, whatever their needs and interests.

Early Years

In Reception, a new topic is covered every term so over the year, the children’s learning is based on six different topics. The teachers, along with the children, create a mind map at the start of each term with all of the ideas and activities the children want to do related to the topic. These are then incorporated into the weekly planning for the term. The teachers have a clear idea of the learning objectives for the year and break these down into termly objectives. The weekly plans cover all seven areas of learning and have clear differentiated learning objectives.

Independent learning is a fundamental part of Early Years. Every day the children feedback to the teachers any particular interest or ideas they have about their learning. The teachers will then create a learning environment based on these ideas. This might mean they move away from their topic temporarily. Every week there is a focused activity with an adult for both literacy and numeracy, inside and outside of the classroom. Children’s next steps are based on the outcome of these focused activities as well as the independent observations made while the children are getting busy within the environment. These will also feed into the weekly plans and are recorded in our online learning diary which is accessible to the parents/carers.

KS1 and KS2

Each year group covers six topics per year. Teachers begin with national curriculum objectives which they use as a basis for topic ideas. Teachers, alongside pupils, create mindmaps with fun, practical activities and experiences which ensure full coverage of all national curriculum objectives in all subjects. These mindmaps help teachers form a weekly overview which they use to support differentiated weekly plans. As we develop autonomy and independence, children are increasingly involved in the planning process, from creating general topic ideas to thinking of specific activities that enthuse and excite.

Through this approach, children get a wide range of learning experiences, with reading, writing, maths and technology underpinning everything we do. Health and Wellbeing is also embedded throughout our curriculum.

All classes enjoy the trips, visitors and extra-curricular opportunities that help give them the skills and experiences they need to become better learners. These include Year 6 School Journey, Year 4 and Year 2 topic based residentials, campfire evenings, stargazing nights, forest schools and collaborations with outside agencies such as the London Connected Learning Centre, Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and CREW workshops. 

“Crown Lane is a really fun school.  The lessons are really exciting.  I especially like using the iPads and the laptops.  Sometimes we do art, other times we do practical science, or go on a school trip – there is always something exciting with our learning!” - Year 4 Pupil

“Every day in Crown Lane you learn something new. You find out things in fun ways as all lessons are enjoyable. I love painting and going on the computers because painting is relaxing and ICT is fun. We go on lots of school trips which are educational and exciting and sometimes as a treat we go to the cinema. Overall Crown Lane is the best school I’ve been to!” - Year 6 Pupil