Remote Learning 2020-21

In the event of a lockdown or if a bubble needs to quarantine or a child needs to isolate, then all the children's learning will be posted on either ILD or Google Classrooms.  

For EYFS and Year 1, each day there will be: Phonics, a carpet session (i.e. writing, PSHE, a song, etc), Maths and a story.  
For Years 2 to 6, there will be: Writing, Reading, SPaG, Maths, Topic and a story.  Year 2 will also have a phonics lesson.

Key Stage 1 will be set work that should last 3 hours a day (including instructions and independent work).
Key Stage 2 will be set work that should last 4 hours a day (including instructions and independent work).

The learning will broadly follow the same learning that the children would be completing at school.  Once the children have completed their learning, they need to submit or hand it in (this may on a Google document or a photos of their learning).  Once it has been handed in, teachers will give feedback within 24-48 hours.

We are using two systems of Remote Learning for this year:
EYFS and Year 1 will find their learning on the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD).
Years 2-6
will be using Google Classrooms.

So the children can get used to using these platforms, the weekly home learning will be set online using them.

More information about our Remote Learning offer can be read here.

Live Registration

The week beginning 08/02/21, each class will be having a short live 'hello' with their teachers - details have been emailed to parents.  

From the beginning of Term 4, there will be daily live registration with teachers - timings and details will be emailed to parents.

For EYFS and Year 1 we will be using Microsoft Teams.  Please find a helpsheet here.

For Years 2-6, we will be using Google Meet.  Please find a helpsheet here. Please note you will need your child's Google Classrooms log in to join the meeting.

Google Classrooms

Here are some helpsheets for using Google Classrooms. There are also some useful help pages here: Google Classroom Support.