Year R

Interactive Learning Diary - Reception  

We use the Interactive Learning Diary to make observations of your child whilst they are in Reception. We take photos and videos or simply write down something they have said. This enables us to decide how they are progressing developmentally against the criteria set out in Development Matters and the Early Learning Goals.

Parents can also share with the Reception staff photos and videos of what their child does outside of school. It is totally secure and only you and approved Crown Lane staff (Reception teachers, Miss Alleman and teaching assistants) have access to the information about your child.

You will be receiving a letter via the post in the next few days.  It has a unique login for you.  If you click on the link, watch their short video and then follow the login instructions.  Once you have done this, you can download the app onto your smart phone.

We would love to see what your child is doing while we are not at school!

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