Year 6 Prefects

Here at Crown Lane, we appoint between 15 - 20 prefects from Year 6 each year. As the eldest pupils in the school, we would like to encourage the children to become more responsible and to be good role models for all. We feel that the role of a prefect will build upon the previous responsibilities that children have enjoyed throughout school and prepare them for similar roles in secondary school.


The role of a prefect will include:

  • Contributing to the school newsletter and website

  • Holding assemblies

  • Updating the prefects display board

  • Supporting younger pupils during play before and during the school day

  • Showing visitors around the school

  • Working alongside teachers to promote positive behaviour

Prefects will be expected to:

  • Be punctual for duties, keep to plans and rotas and attend all prefect meetings where possible.

  • Be positive and enthusiastic , encouraging and motivating fellow students

  • Wear correct school uniform

  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, kind and responsible

  • Be respectful towards teachers, their peers, and the school environment

  • Failure to live up to these expectations may, after a warning and chance to improve, result in the loss of prefect status

Our first round of applications will take place after half term. 


Application form

Applications for prefects are now open!  Please find here a letter to parents and the application form for Prefects.

Please return all application forms by Friday 13th November.

Good luck!